The Real Solution for Bad Teeth & Gums…
What Will Dentists Never Tell You About PERMANENTLY Defeating Tooth Decay and Periodontal Disease?
Hint: This is 10x more effective than brushing, flossing, or regular dental cleaning
Hi, my name is Mike Walker and I have had bad teeth for as long as I can remember…

But please notice I said “had” in the previous sentence.

Things have recently changed for me… and the good news is if you have bad teeth they can change for you as well!
That’s why I’m writing today, to let you know that I’ve discovered a safe, natural and also inexpensive way to quickly and dramatically improve the health of your teeth so that you no longer have sharp or throbbing pain or have to worry about bad breath, unsightly tooth enamel or your teeth falling out.

If you do have bad teeth, or know someone who does, then all of this might sound a little “out there” but I swear to you that everything I’m telling you today is the truth – and I’m going to prove that this really works in just a minute.
You are going to learn that having bad teeth isn’t a sign that you are doing something wrong.
In fact, it’s not your fault at all.
Something else is at play here, and I’m going to tell you what it is and how to beat it so you can have the great teeth you’ve always wanted.
Right now, your mouth is filled with harmful bacteria...
...and there has been NO WAY to get rid of them all. (Until now, that is)
Here’s the truth, the second you uncover what is really happening in your mouth, you’ll finally understand this really isn’t all of your fault.

Toothpaste, tooth floss, mouthwashes and rinses just aren’t strong enough to get rid of all the nasty bacteria in your mouth.

No matter how hard you try, some are left behind, and they immediately get busy eating at your teeth and gums causing weakness and pain and the other symptoms you are experiencing.
The good news is there IS a solution to this problem.
You can fight your bad dental health and prevent it from leading to other physical issues like respiratory infections, kidney disease, and even deadly oral diseases.

I’m going to tell you everything you need to know on this page.

Finally, you are going to know exactly what you need to do to reverse bad dental health and get rid of all those bothersome, embarrassing symptoms that you are dealing with right now.
What you are about to discover is incredibly powerful…
But also so easy to do!
  • Imagine being able to stop bleeding gums and strengthen weak teeth...

  • Imagine getting rid of the pain you feel so often in your mouth...

  • Now imagine being able to do all of that without undergoing any risky surgery or shelling out big bucks for expensive procedures that may or may not work.
What I’m going to reveal here today gets results fast.
It helped me, and it has helped numerous other people as well.

I’m confident it can help you, too, or else I wouldn’t be writing this right now.
The simple truth is this can help people of all ages and it doesn’t matter how bad your teeth have gotten.

If your bad teeth have made your life a living hell, there is now relief available.

In only a few days, you could start to see vast improvements inside your mouth.

Then, in no time, you (and those around you) could even forget how bad your teeth were in the past. 
I went from being embarrassed & in constant pain, to smiling broadly once again! 
People with good teeth don’t really understand what those of us with bad teeth go through every day.

Not wanting to smile because we are embarrassed by how our teeth look.

Trying not to talk too much or stand too close to anyone because we are afraid we have bad breath.

Bad teeth can turn your life upside down and make you feel horrible!
But even more than that, this solution for bad, painful teeth
will also help protect your health.
This is something the medical community has been hoping to find for years and years.

It can help you protect your...
Heart health
Kidney health
Respiratory health,
and much more!
That’s right, there is more than one major benefit behind what I’m revealing today!
This solution can seriously decrease your risk of suffering a heart or blood infection that puts your physical health in serious danger.

The Mayo Clinic reports that Periodontitis, or gum disease, raises your risk of developing heart disease.

It also goes on to say that bad teeth can increase the risk of a bacterial infection in the blood.

This type of infection can then harm the valves of your heart.¹
But I understand that at this point you are most likely focused on the health of your teeth and nothing else...

So rest assured that this solution provides fast relief for poor dental health!
“I can’t take this anymore!"
I’m pretty sure you’ve yelled something like this in the past... maybe you even said it today!

Maybe you’ve even broken down in tears over your bad teeth.

Maybe you’ve tried to explain how you feel to friends or family.

But the truth is unless you have gone through something like this you can’t really understand how it makes a person feel.
  • They can’t understand the physical pain and the emotional embarrassment that this condition can cause.

  • They don’t understand how it can keep you up at night with worry and that it can make you feel like a monster.

  • They don’t understand the pain that you go through on a constant basis… how the joy that can come with eating a great meal turns to stress and discomfort for you.
Bleeding gums, loose teeth, sharp pain when you bite, throbbing pain when you try to relax … times it can be overwhelming and make you feel like you just can’t deal with it anymore.
To make matters worse, the sad truth is your efforts to fix the problem have up until now been all wrong.

You’ve had the wrong information and the wrong tools to win this war.
You need a new solution.
One actually tailored to your situation, and that’s exactly what you are going to get today.

To make it better you’ve probably tried everything, right?
You’ve likely tried different toothpastes and toothbrushes.
You’ve likely tried different mouthwashes and dental rinses.
But nothing has worked!
You’ve probably talked to a dentist or several dentists about what can be done… but their solutions, if you can even call them that because they don’t really address the root cause of the problem, are very expensive and, often, very painful as well.
That’s right, dentists don’t address the root cause of your problem, they only provide solutions for the symptoms you are feeling.
But, as I said earlier, don’t worry there is a solution to your problem, and it is one that won’t cost thousands of dollars like fillings, root canals and implants.

That’s why, I urge you to proceed, because you are about to uncover fast and highly effective relief for your bad teeth...
The solution you’ve been dreaming about... & begging & praying for… is here!
You are about to discover:
  • How to dramatically improve the health of your teeth safely, naturally and inexpensively…

  • How to put the pain and discomfort behind you for good so that you can finally enjoy eating a meal again without worrying about feeling sudden, sharp pain when you bite or chew…

  • How to smile with confidence again and get rid of bad breath that keeps you quiet and distant!
Just imagine… what it will feel like to have good dental health again…

No more toothbrush covered in blood…

No more seeing others unconsciously cringe when they get a sight of your bad teeth …

This is your chance to smile again!
To unleash a big, beautiful, smile whenever you feel like it.
Plus, I should stress again that you’ll also be helping your overall physical health.
There are other benefits as well, such as replacing all those bitter, negative thoughts you have now due to your condition… With happy, positive ones as the health of your teeth improves, and you get more and more excited about the future.

Instead of staying home, lamenting your condition… you can start truly enjoying life again.

You won’t be afraid to go out with friends.

You can start living life to the fullest.
Now I know that you’ve probably been burned in the past when it comes to products and companies that promise solutions and don’t deliver.
But this is different…
This works!
...and it has the success stories to back it up.
In no time your teeth could be improved and the positive vibes from your improving dental health can then filter into other areas of your life.

For example, you may find yourself doing better at your job as you are able to focus more without having to worry all the time about your teeth.

Don’t be surprised if you feel like you have what is often referred to as “a new lease on life!”

You can say goodbye for good to this horrible condition that has caused you so much pain, embarrassment and discomfort.

Look what others who have tried this solution have to say:
“I’m going to be honest; my bad teeth ruined my life and caused me incredible embarrassment. 
Finally being free of that is a dream come true. 
I never thought this would happen but here I am.”
Dan, 42, Arkansas
“If my bad teeth weren’t bad enough, my dentist told me I was also putting myself at risk for heart trouble. 

I knew I had to do something. 
I’m just so thankful that I found this solution. 
Everything has changed for me. 

I used to feel like such a failure because of the poor condition of my teeth, now I love to flash my pearly whites!”
Cheryl, 37, 
New York 
OK, I think that’s enough buildup,
Let’s get to the solution!
It’s time for me to tell you who I am and how this solution was able to transform the dental world and improve the lives of thousands of people...

And how those with bad teeth don’t have to spend thousands on treatments like implants that make your dentist rich and put you in the poor house.
So as I said at the beginning of this page, my name is Mike and I have had bad teeth for as long as I can remember.

It has never mattered how much I brush my teeth or how often I go to the dentist or what else I try, my teeth have always been bad.

Believe me, I know what it feels like to bite into a piece of food and feel a sharp pain shoot through your tooth into your jaw.
Believe me, I know what it feels like to remove the toothbrush from your mouth and for it to be pink with blood.
My teeth have always been a source of stress and embarrassment for me.
I never smile because I don’t want people to see them.
My bad teeth have also made me quiet and shy because I don’t want to open my mouth in front of others, if at all possible.

My teeth have also given me terrible bad breath, which has been like a wet blanket for my romantic life. (Yes, I am single but I am now engaged thanks to my recent improvement in dental health!)
My Three Most Embarrassing
‘Bad Teeth Stories’!
One thing I want to be clear about is that I’m going to be completely honest with you.

I’m not going to hold anything back.

I’m not a dentist looking to make money by selling you an expensive procedure when other solutions are available.
I’m a fellow bad teeth sufferer who wants you to get the relief you deserve.
So I’m going to be honest, and right now, that means I’m going to tell you not 1, not 2 but 3 actual incidents from my life where my bad teeth left me feeling miserable – including one time when they almost killed me!
OK, incident one was during my sophomore year in college, and my friends dragged me to a party where I met a girl.
Remember, I’ve always hated going out in public due to my bad teeth.

Anyway, it was really dark at the party and I don’t think this girl could really see my teeth and how bad they were.

Later on, we were sitting on a couch and after drinking a little, I worked up the courage to lean in and kiss her.

I’ll never forget the look on her face as she smelled my putrid breath and recoiled in horror.
She immediately got up and walked away, and I was left sitting there hoping no one had seen what just happened.
Now before I get to my second embarrassing incident, I want to say it wasn’t like I neglected my dental hygiene back then.
I tried everything, but nothing worked.
It was so frustrating.
Ok, so now on to the second incident. I was at a state fair a few years later, maybe you can start to see why I hate going out in public!
Anyway, at the state fair I bought a caramel apple and without thinking, I bit into it in front of a group of people.

When I pulled the apple from my mouth there was one of my teeth stuck into it.

I could hear a nearby girl say “Look at that!”

And then I heard everybody start to laugh.

Everyone that is except a younger teenage girl who started gagging and ended up vomiting in a nearby trash can.
The day my bad teeth almost killed me!
So it was my 40th birthday. And my friends had taken me to a nice local restaurant to celebrate.
I ordered the filet mignon and was happily eating my birthday meal when it happened.

Apparently, when I was chewing the steak my back molar simply came out of my gum but I didn’t realize it yet. I could tell something was off so I switched the meat to the other side of my mouth and bit down.

Unfortunately, I bit down right on the molar which shattered the upper molar on that side of my mouth.
The pain was excruciating and for some reason instead of spitting out the food (and tooth and tooth fragments)...
I swallowed it all and it got stuck in my throat!
I started to choke and really thought my life was over – all due to me having bad teeth.

I gasped for air and my friends looked at me in confusion.

I actually stood up and pointed to my throat and that’s when a nearby diner came over and gave me the Heimlich Maneuver.

I ended up spitting the meat, tooth and tooth fragments onto the table where everybody could see them.

They instantly got sick.
My bad teeth ruined my own birthday celebration and nearly cost me my life.
At that point, I knew I had to do something.

So I scheduled an appointment with a new dentist that I had heard good things about.
“How much are you willing to spend?”
That was actually the first thing this new dentist said to me after examining my teeth.

First, he told me that I had full blown periodontitis, which is advanced gum disease, and which put me at risk for a number of very bad things, including losing all of my teeth as well as heart disease, kidney problems, respiratory problems and more.

“What’s the solution,” I asked.

He said, “There is no solution. All we can do is treat the damage that has been done.”
He then started listing out the costs of the treatments that were available to me:
  • He said I could get gum grafts at a cost of approximately $600 per gum. He also added that there was no guarantee this would work considering the current state of my mouth.

  • Another option he mentioned would be to undergo a series of fillings and root canals to repair my damaged teeth. This would cost between $500 and $2,000 per procedure.

  • A third option was to undergo what is called pocket elimination surgery, this is a type of gum surgery, and it costs around $6,000.

  • A fourth option was to remove all the damaged teeth and replace them with implants. This would cost approximately $4,500 per implant!
After hearing all of this, I think I literally went into a state of shock.
My body felt warm all over and I also felt like I was sinking into the dentist’s exam chair.

I couldn’t afford any of that and I also remembered him saying at the beginning that there was no solution to my problem.
I stammered, “B-B-But if there is no solution does that mean that I’ll keep getting more damage?”
“Yes,” he said. “We can repair the damage that exists but we can’t stop new damage from occurring. Chances are you’ll be back in here for more treatment in the future.”
Honestly, I felt like crying.
Here I was a 40-year-old man and I truly felt like crying in that dental chair right in front of the dentist.

I just kept thinking about the cost of the treatments, which was money I didn’t have.

Then I thought about how painful they would be if I did have the money.
It just didn’t seem right.
But what was I going to do?
I understood that my bad teeth made me more likely to develop heart and other health issues.

I didn’t want that. I was 40 but I felt like my life hadn’t really begun – and that was mainly due to the bad dental health I had been dealing with all my life.

I knew there had to be other options but I also knew that every dentist was going to tell me the same thing.

It was up to me now. 
So I tried everything
under the sun...
Let me tell you just a few of the things I tried that didn’t work so you can save your hard-earned money and precious time:
Electric Toothbrush
Honestly, this didn’t seem any better to me than using a regular toothbrush.

Maybe because my gums were in such bad condition but this was painful and upsetting because it produced a true blood bath.

I was spitting blood like crazy.
Special Toothpaste
I tried all the different toothpastes, including those designed for bad gums and weak teeth and nothing made a difference.
Restoring Rinse
Again I didn’t notice these rinses made any difference at all for my teeth.

At this point I felt super depressed and was telling myself that I needed to face the facts…
There just wasn’t anything to fix my bad teeth!
But I was desperate. I simply refused to just give up and live the rest of my life this way.

So I did the only thing I could think of:

I started reading anything and everything about Periodontitis and tooth decay.

I searched the Internet.

I went on forums and I watched Youtube video after Youtube video.

I even went to my local library.
I wouldn’t allow myself to give up.
I had enough of the lies and misinformation that are put out there by money-hungry dentists who offer expensive treatments that repair damage but don’t address the root cause of that damage.

Why should they get rich while I suffer? Why should they help me by giving me treatments that will only keep me coming back to them?

I continued to pour all of my time and energy into researching this problem with no real results to speak of.

And then when I was just about to give up, that’s when I came across something that changed everything for me and has since changed thousands of lives …
What did I discover? 
I finally came across a detailed report that explained exactly what is happening in our mouths that produces unwanted tooth decay and gum disease.
It all starts with dangerous bacteria
that work their way down inside our gums.
This expert compared these bacteria to termites that eat away at our teeth and gums, causing all kinds of damage.

Unfortunately, you can get these bacteria from a variety of sources, including food, water and even from kissing someone, and once you have them they don’t go away easily.

Over time, these bad bacteria grow in number and can begin to produce more and more damage. This damage, in turn, results in pain, bad breath and more.
The University of Michigan recently reported that there are as many as 20 million bacteria in our mouths at any given time.
But these bacteria reproduce every five hours so they are constantly growing in number, particularly if you don’t brush your teeth.

Now as the bacteria expand in number and produce plaque and swelling of the gums, your body’s own natural defense system rallies to battle against them.
If the bacteria are beaten back, the swelling subsides and the gums retract.

However, this swelling and retraction process ultimately makes your gums too weak to hold your teeth.

And the bacteria don’t just stop with your gums.

They move and begin feeding on the ligaments that hold your teeth.

This causes infections, pain and tooth decay.
This is where the report really opened my eyes. It says right there in black and white – no matter what a dentist may tell you... 
there is no known dental or medical treatment that destroys all the bacteria in your mouth.
Think about that for a second:

That means it doesn’t matter how many times you brush your teeth each day or how many times you floss.

You simply can’t get rid of all the damage-causing bacteria in your mouth.
In other words, if you have bad teeth it really isn’t your fault.

In fact, even if you use the absolute best products and mouth cleaning procedures, at least 10% of the bacteria will remain inside your gum pockets.

Nothing works – not brushing, not flossing, not rinsing.

Even dental scaling, which is the deepest method of dental cleaning, can’t remove all the bacteria.
OK, now that we know the problem,
...what’s the solution?
That took more research – hours and hours of additional research – but like I said earlier I wasn’t going to give up. I had no other options.

So I kept researching and eventually I came across a highly respected scientist who is simply referred to as Dr. T.

It turns out Dr. T had created his own soft gum that he chewed every day to boost the health of his teeth.
The gum was filled with various herbs that promote tooth and gum health.
I immediately called Dr. T, and we began talking about tooth decay and gum disease in great detail.

Dr. T is a brilliant and very friendly guy.

He told me all about his gum but there was one problem:

He had always had great teeth so the gum just helped him maintain that already high level of dental health.

With my bad teeth and terrible gums, trying to chew gum, no matter how soft, would be a bad idea.
Dr. T agreed and said he would think about the matter and see if he could come up with a different solution for me.

Three days later, Dr. T called and I could immediately hear the excitement in his voice.
“I’ve got it,” he said. “I’ve got the answer to your problem, it’s saliva or your spit for lack of a better word.”
“Saliva?” I asked.
“Yes,’ he said, sounding even more excited.
“It’s the only thing that would provide the tooth and gum coverage you need.”
“Awesome,” I said.
“So how do we make this work?”
Creating the 
ultimate weapon
against tooth decay & gum disease causing bacteria!
So how does one go about weaponizing saliva to destroy bacteria and improve the health of your teeth?

It all comes down to putting the right ingredients into the right supplement. Dr. T and I worked closely together to do just that.

We painstakingly worked on a formula that fortifies teeth, even those in the absolute worst condition.
We ended up choosing 29 ingredients, which we then sourced from the best, highest quality locations.
Once we had the ingredients, and we were confident in their purity and strength, we set about adjusting our formula so that it worked optimally to supercharge human saliva into a bacteria killing, tooth and gum supporting weapon.

We used:
  • ​​​​​​​​Berberine to break up existing plaque and tartar

  • Turmeric to remove plaque and fight against bacteria and inflammation

  • Milk Thistle to clean up and detoxify your mouth

  • Artichoke, Chanca Piedra (a South American herb) and red raspberry to drown the bacteria in purifying substances and assist in the prevention of bleeding and inflammation

  • Yarrow to tighten loose gums and strengthen your teeth’s connection to their roots

  • Beet (root) to stop tooth decay and power up your saliva’s healing properties

  • Dandelion, alfalfa, jujube seeds and zinc to strengthen the crowns of your teeth and to fight against the growth of plaque and bacteria

  • Chicory root, celery seed, burdock root, and yellow dock to balance the mouth bacteria as well as detoxify your gut

  • Grape seed extract and ginger to fight off bacteria and help prevent infection

  • Amino acids, including methionine and L-cystine, to detoxify and help prevent infections
All together these ingredients created an amazing,
all-encompassing solution to poor dental health.
This is exactly the type of thing dentists & big pharma don’t want you to know about!

There is big money in things like dental implants, fillings, bacteria-fighting oral products and surgical procedures.
Taking safe, natural herbs and minerals to get the even better results would dramatically reduce those profits.

That’s why you don’t often hear about solutions like this!

As long as you keep going to them for products that provide temporary relief and don’t address the root cause of the problem, they don’t care how much you suffer.

They just want your money and they want you to give it to them again and again!
This one safe, all-natural solution takes the place of literally dozens of expensive big pharma produced products...
In other words, this simple supplement could cost them billions!
After the doctor and I created our supplement, I was afraid of how Big Pharma and the dentists of the world might react…

But at the same time, I couldn’t help but smile!

Finally, there was a way for me to improve the health of my teeth and gums without spending a fortune or enduring painful procedures.

Now I’m so excited to be able to share this solution with you …

It’s time to get rid of the pain and the swelling and the bad breath…
And remember this supplement doesn’t stop there…
These ingredients have other beneficial effects, including improving the health of your liver and calming and detoxifying your gut.

Improving dental health also reduces the risk of developing heart and respiratory conditions.
You can’t find these ingredients in other solutions and even if you could, chances are they would not be in the right amounts to optimize the oral and physical benefits you receive from ours.

This powerful, breakthrough formula is 100% effective and proven to work no matter your age, sex or level of health…

To put it another way, similar ingredients in other formulas would NEVER produce the results you can receive from this supplement.
What results can you expect?
You can expect to go through five stages of results:
  • In Stage 1:
    Pain and discomfort in your mouth decrease as your breath improves.

  • In Stage 2:
    Not only has the pain and discomfort diminished but your teeth feel firmer and more secure as the gums tighten and firm up around them.

  • In Stage 3:
    Your gums appear healthier and you see less and less blood when you brush and floss your teeth.

  • In Stage 4:
    Everything continues to improve and you begin to once again find yourself willing to smile in front of others.

  • In Stage 5:
At this stage, your mouth has fully recovered and you get your full life back.
That means you can eat delicious meals without worrying about experiencing pain, and throbbing tooth pain won’t keep you up at night.
That also means you can smile and that you can stand close to others without fear of them recoiling from your bad breath.
You can even start giving your significant other those big kisses you’ve been withholding due to your bad breath and bad teeth.
What really separates this product from others on the market & ensures maximum benefits for users... the care that goes into it.
Supplements are a huge industry today and that has caused many “scammers” to flood into the marketplace looking to cash in on their growing popularity.

These scammers don’t care about your health, only about making a profit.
This causes them to cut corners in the manufacturing process and to use cheaper, inferior ingredients that don’t deliver the results you desire.

We made a promise to ourselves and to each other to always maintain the absolute highest quality level for this supplement.

We are deeply committed to this mission – that’s why we use only the purest ingredients from the best locations and why we always ensure our ingredients are in their most effective forms.
You can rest assured that with this supplement you are getting the best of the best – a formula carefully calculated to provide you with the ideal amount of mouth-benefitting ingredients.
I simply could not sit by a minute longer...
...and watch so many continue to suffer from poor dental health!
It would have been easy to keep this secret to myself or to maybe just tell a few friends.

I wouldn’t have had to worry about sourcing ingredients from around the world or about maintaining exact manufacturing processes.

I also wouldn’t have to worry about Big Pharma coming after me and trying to get my supplement shut down.
But I just couldn’t stand on the sidelines any more. 
If I had this solution, then you should have it, too.
That’s why I’ve created this page.
Now available:
A Super Potent Supplement
Specifically for Those Struggling With Bad Teeth & Gum Disease!
Yes, I understand that I’m not a scientist – but Dr. T is… plus, I have something else: Bad teeth and a consuming passion to help myself and others beat this condition.

Do you know how many nights I’ve laid awake in bed dreaming about having healthy teeth and being free from all the pain and discomfort?

The answer is too many to count.

I used that passion and drive every day that we went about producing this supplement.

I wanted people like you and me to have another choice – one that won’t bankrupt you but that actually produces great results fast.

That takes me back to the quality of this formula …

Because we wanted to produce the best possible results as fast as possible…
We made the decision to use ingredients
in the top 3% for quality.
Yes, that means that we had to send representatives all over the world.

But we believe it was worth it.

We traveled to Europe, India, China, South Africa, Ethiopia and Kenya, among other places, to make sure we had access to the best of the best.
It was expensive.

It was time-consuming.

It exhausted my savings.

But, in the end, it worked.

Today, we are absolutely confident that we have the highest quality, most effective supplement for tooth decay and gum disease available anywhere.
Personally Tested,
Personally Approved
I would never ask you to try something I hadn’t tried myself and the truth is nobody could keep me from trying this supplement.

I had spent my life wishing for better dental health and now that a possible solution was available I most certainly wanted to be first in line to try it.

So try it I did!

For me, this supplement was nothing short of a miracle.
I began using it as soon as it was ready. 
Of course, I didn’t notice any results the first day but I kept at it, kept hoping this was it.

Of course, I was nervous.

We had invested so much time and money in this product, I was praying it would work.

On day two, I felt like my prayers were being answered.

I felt differentMy teeth didn’t hurt as bad, and they felt a little tighter.
The 4th day is when it really happened for me…
My teeth felt great!
There was no pain when I chewed my food and there was no pink on my toothbrush when I brushed my teeth! It was truly the answer to a life-long prayer.

It also meant that I now had a solution that:
  • Anybody could take, no matter how old they were or how bad the condition of their teeth

  • Helped people avoid expensive dental procedures and appointments

  • That finally put an end to those outrageously expensive dental solutions, like implants, that cost thousands and don’t address the root cause of the problem

  • With this supplement not only does the pain and bleeding fade away, it also helps protect you from even worse physical conditions like a heart or lung infection.  
But still I wasn’t so caught up in my results that I didn’t wonder if it would work as well for others …
I knew I had to give it to others to test!
I put together a group of 25 people that had varying degrees of dental health.

Some were prone to cavities… some had early gum disease… some had a painful tooth and some had no dental problems at all…

They all took the pills and reported their results to me each week.

It turns out my fears about this working only for me, were entirely misplaced.

Even the ones with good dental health noticed benefits!
But I especially heard from those who were struggling with bad teeth and gum disease…
Within just 3 to 4 days, they were all calling & emailing me about the improvements they were seeing!
One man actually called me in tears and so did two of the women.

They were so happy about their improving dental health.

They couldn’t wait to see what else was going to happen in the future.

Already, I was receiving reports that said: “less pain,” “no pain,” “less bleeding,” “no bleeding,” “firmer teeth” and much more.

I was ecstatic – both for their improvements and because I realized my results were not a fluke.
This formula really worked…
By the way, my results just kept getting better as I continued to use the supplement regularly.

My pain completely disappeared and my teeth had never been healthier.
I felt better than I had in years.

I was energetic and optimistic.

I was looking forward to each day instead of dreading it.

I was laughing and smiling again.
By week 3, my teeth & gums were healthy again!
That’s right!

Just three weeks after starting this supplement all my symptoms had disappeared.
  • There was no bad breath emanating from my mouth!

  • My tooth pain was gone; I could chew pain-free!

  • My gum bleeding stopped. No pink at all on the toothbrush!
I was doing so good that I even wondered if I should cut back or stop taking the supplement but Dr. T. quickly put me straight.

He reminded me that it was the beneficial ingredients in the supplement that were causing the results I was seeing.

If I stopped, those results could disappear and my previous issues could reappear.

I NEVER wanted my bad teeth and gums to come back so I kept taking the supplement.

And every day I felt better than the previous day.
I checked in with the other subjects in my group…

It had now been several weeks, so I wanted to see if they, too, had been experiencing continuous positive results.

I was shocked by what I learned.
First off, not a single person had stopped taking the supplement.
That right there should tell you how well this supplement was working.

The people with the biggest problems had naturally noticed the biggest improvements, but everyone said they were benefitting from the formula.

Teeth health and gum health had improved across the board.

And nobody had to go to the dentist and shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to experience those benefits.
All of the success stories overwhelmed me and energized me to make this supplement available on a much wider scale.

One of those in the group even came to visit me the following day after I followed up with everyone.

Denise came inside and immediately gave me a big hug and started thanking me profusely.
She said, You’ve changed my life. I was so embarrassed by my teeth before. I never smiled. I never laughed.

When I talked to people I would subconsciously raise my hand so that it was in front of my mouth so people couldn’t see my teeth.

I was so depressed but I knew I could never afford those expensive dental treatments. I honestly had no hope.

Then you showed up and changed everything. I’m so excited by the results.
It’s truly a dream come true, and I believe not a day has gone by that I haven’t said a thank you to you.”
After hearing that, there is no way I could keep this supplement from those who need it.

We immediately began mass producing this supplement and I’m writing today to let you know all about it!
We call it...
Denti Strength
You may call it the solution you’ve been waiting your whole life for!
  • How would you like to add your story to my story and the stories of those who participated in my group?

  • How would you like to experience incredible improvements in your dental health without spending a fortune or undergoing painful dental procedures?
Now it is all possible thanks to Denti Strength™!
This product contains the herbs and minerals you need to maintain good dental health.

It is easily absorbed and immediately gets to work eliminating pain and discomfort and improving the health of your teeth and gums.
But I do have a warning for you:
Since we went public with this page and told our full story, demand for this supplement has been through the roof.

At this point our supply is extremely limited and due to the extensive process we go through to get the very best, highest quality ingredients it takes us longer to replenish our stock.

In other words, if you want Denti Strength™ you should act now.
I used to think that “Low Supply” & “High Demand” were marketing tricks...

And they may very well be for some supplement providers, but I assure you that is not the case in this instance.

In fact, those who tested this supplement actually placed huge orders for bottles for themselves and their friends and family members.

Once you have seen what this supplement can do, you really don’t want to be without it.
Supplies really are low – very low.
We understand that we could probably produce Denti Strength™ faster but that would mean using ingredients not in the top 3% for quality and we are simply not going to do that.

We will continue to produce small batches of Denti Strength™ containing the very best ingredients.

If you miss out when supplies are available and have to wait, we hope you understand and check back frequently.
We will try to have more Denti Strength™ available as soon as we can.
One more thing – in an effort to get Denti Strength™  to more people, we have started limiting the number of bottles that can be purchased at certain times.

We apologize for this inconvenience but again we want to help as many people as we can.
Now, here’s what you need to know about taking Denti Strength™:
Simply take 2 capsules once per day for at least 30 days.

In about 3 weeks, you can expect the health of your teeth and gums to improve dramatically…

Then YOU can decide how far you want to go…
  • Do you want to get rid of all unsightly blood when you brush your teeth?

  • Do you want to be able to eat totally pain-free?

  • Do you want to strengthen and firm your teeth so that you don’t ever have to worry about them falling out when you eat or when you sleep? (One man nearly choked to death when a tooth fell out while he slept).

  • Do you want to continue to improve your dental health no matter how bad or good it is?
If you want these things,
you need to keep taking Denti Strength™.
I, and those who have taken Denti Strength in the past, think taking two capsules once a day is a small price to pay for good dental health.

Don’t forget, Denti Strength™ won’t be just benefitting your teeth and gums … it also boosts your health in other ways – including your gut health and your liver health!

For those serious about improving the health of their teeth and gums we recommend getting a 4-month supply of Denti Strength™!
Here’s the truth: Nobody really knows just how bad the health of your teeth & gums could get.
As I said earlier, some people have had teeth fall out and choke them.

I had a tooth come out at a restaurant and, if a fellow diner hadn’t known how to do the Heimlich Maneuver, I very well could have died.

What’s more, doctors are now saying that it’s easy for a gum or tooth infection to migrate to the heart where it can damage the valves or to the lungs or another part of your body.

You just don’t know what could happen.

Then there is also the bad breath and the unsightly teeth and gums that can make you not want to smile.
But now there is good news!
Men and women of all ages and in all locations are enjoying terrific results with Denti Strength™.
We recommend getting four bottles at the very least (to be completely safe), to ensure you get to see what the true benefits of taking this supplement could be for you.

This should be enough to dramatically improve your bad teeth and gums.
This is your chance to join people from all over the world who are rejuvenating the health of their teeth and gums and getting their lives and smiles back.

This supplement is all natural and has zero side effects.
Here’s more of what others are saying about its use:
“I was skeptical. I had been burned by too many products that failed to deliver what they promised in the past.

But now I’m a firm believer.
Denti Strength™ works. My teeth have never been better.”
Carrie, 32, Arizona
“I’ve been eating on one side of my mouth for years due to painful teeth on the other side.
Denti Strength™ cleared that up in just three weeks.
Now I’m using both sides of my mouth again.”
Tom, 50, Georgia
“I had severe gum disease that was going to require expensive treatment but then I found Denti Strengthᵀᴹ.
My dentist was amazed at how much my gums improved.
You saved me thousands of dollars!”
Kyle, 46, Illinois
Ready to finally get rid of tooth pain, bleeding gums & the harmful bacteria that cause them?
Just 2 pills once a day is all it takes.
Or you can choose to ignore this offer and do the following:
  • Use dental products that cost a fortune and don’t solve anything

  • Undergo dental procedures that are both painful and expensive

  • Use over-the-counter products that do nothing to stop the growing damage in your mouth and that may actually harm your health in other ways
Or you can choose to ignore this offer and do nothing, which means:
  • Living day and night with tooth and gum pain

  • Experiencing throbbing toothaches that keep you awake at night and make it hard to focus on work during the day

  • Going through bouts of depression and feeling embarrassed by the bad condition of your teeth

  • Driving members of the opposite sex away with your bad breath
     And much more
Sure, your dentist may try to tell you that he or she has the answers but they really don’t!

They only repair damage; they do nothing to stop the damage from occurring in the future.

They don’t address the root cause of your problem!

Don’t waste your time, money and sanity.

Get a solution that really works!
One solution, One low price!
Another great thing about Denti Strength™ is that it replaces ALL of the procedures, medications and other products that are said to help your condition but really don’t…
This supplement is a one-of-a-kind, all-in-one solution!

It strengthens teeth, repairs gums, eliminates bad breath and so much more…

Because it contains specific high quality ingredients that have been shown to produce those results.

Plus, all of its ingredients are carefully sourced from around the world to ensure the highest purity and potency.
Just take the recommended dosage each day and watch the health of your teeth and gums dramatically improve!
Now, taking everything I just said into account, you can likely understand why I originally set the value of this supplement at $120 a bottle.
  • No other supplement does what this one does…
  • No other supplement contains the high quality ingredients this one does…
  • No other supplement has produced the success stories this one has.
This supplement is highly effective at improving teeth and gum health and protecting you from harmful heart infections.

It is so effective that I imagine it is only a matter of time before Big Pharma or some coalition of dentists tries to put me out of business.
The truth is…
Taking all of this into consideration,
$120 a bottle is a literal steal.
But having come this far, you should probably know that charging $120 for one bottle of a supplement is not my style.

I’m not trying to become Big Pharma.

I’m trying to help people genuinely in need.

Big Pharma charges $300 or $400 or $500 or more for a single pill and doesn’t bat its eyes.

But that’s wrong in so many ways.

Plus, I created Denti Strength™ to help you…

Not drive you into bankruptcy.
I wanted to be free of pain and discomfort, and now I am thanks to Denti Strength™.

I want you to experience those benefits as well.

After having Denise give me a hug and tell me how much Denti Strength™ had helped her, I couldn’t just turn around and price this supplement so high that neither Denise or anybody else like her could benefit from it.
So, I have decided to take that $120 recommended price… and slash it!
But please be aware that this special offer has put Denti Strength™ in even more demand and our supplies are now very low at this minute.
Now here is the special offer I have for you…
Because you have stayed with me up until now, I want to offer you a special money-saving discount on Denti Strength™. Just please be aware that this discount expires today!

Here’s the deal:
 Order this amazing product today and you’ll be able to enjoy its healing powers for only:
$69.95 a bottle.
That’s nearly half off the recommended price but hold on, I want to make this buying decision even easier for you...

Remember my goal is to help as many people with this supplement as possible.

Also remember, what I said earlier about recommending you take 4 bottles consecutively to ensure you see all the benefits you can get from this supplement.

So here’s what I’m going to do:
I have created a special discounted bundle of 4 bottles of Denti Strength™ for you...
...for only
$49.95 a bottle…
Again, I am offering this bundle TODAY ONLY… and the discount is also only valid for as long as supplies last. (Remember, supplies are low!)
And just to sweeten the pot even more – order this bundle now, and I’ll give you FREE shipping!

You won’t find Denti Strength™ any cheaper anywhere else.

But you must act fast.

When our limited supply runs out, the “Buy Now” buttons on this page will disappear.

You will then have to wait approximately two months for a new supply to be ready.
Ready to secure your order before it is too late?
Click the buy now button below.
Please keep in mind…

This solution is going to save you potentially thousands of dollars by helping you avoid buying over-the-counter products that don’t work and undergoing expensive dental procedures that don’t address the root cause of your problem!
Plus, your purchase is protected by our 
Money-Back Guarantee
 (which includes a $100 bonus)!
I am going to put my money where my mouth is…

I personally guarantee you will experience great results with Denti Strength™ and if you are not satisfied with the results you receive, I’ll refund your purchase price.

You can use an entire bottle if you like.

If you are not happy with Denti Strength™, just notify me within 90 days of your date of purchase, and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.
Now, here is where it gets really crazy…
I’ll also give you 100 bucks just for giving Denti Strength™ a try!
That’s right, I am so confident that Denti Strength™ will work for you that I’m going to give you $100 if you honestly give it a try and it doesn’t work for you.

This is an unheard of offer!

But I can do this because this supplement really works!

Improve your dental health even if you have tried other solutions and failed.

Get Denti Strength™ for a special low price today… Put an end to your pain & suffering one small investment can turn your dreams into reality!
I almost forgot… since drastically improving my dental health, 
my life has completely turned around.
I started dating a woman from work, and we are now engaged to be married in a couple of months.

I’ve never been happier.

I even received a promotion at work to a higher paying job with more responsibility.

I really couldn’t imagine my life going any better than it is right now...

And I trace it all back to fixing my bad teeth and gums.
And I was able to do it all with a solution that cost a fraction of what I would have paid in dental bills!
What is your success story going to be?
Whatever it is, I can’t wait to hear it.
The first step to writing your new story is to get Denti Strength™ today for a special low price.

Yes, you can try one bottle of Denti Strength™ and you should begin to see some amazing benefits...

But we‘ve found that the real magic happens when you have four bottles and have plenty of time to see and experience ALL of the great benefits this supplement can deliver to you.
Keep in mind that everyone experiences natural ingredients differently. What takes one person just a couple of days to experience may take another person a few weeks.
That’s why I urge you to take advantage of our Special 4-Bottle Offer today!
Don’t miss out!
We have recently decided that we are going to close down this site as soon as our current supply is gone.
We have found that this is the best way to proceed in-between supply arrival because Big Pharma is watching us and because we are often flooded with inquiries from people looking to order.

All of that means if you leave without ordering today, don’t be surprised if you come back another day to find this site no longer here.

All you will see is a “Sold Out” sign.

So get your supply now before it is too late.
Just click the order button you see below.
Another thing to keep in mind is that the current low 4-bottle bundle price is a limited time offer.
Don’t expect to see this offer when a new supply arrives later on.

It is more likely that our per bottle price will be at least $69.95 or higher in the future.
So get your supply now if you want to save.
This is the perfect time to stock up because the last thing you want to happen is to see your teeth and gum health improve and then run out of Denti Strength™.

Keep the improvements coming with an adequate supply to hold you over until more bottles are available.
One more thing: Don’t forget the money Denti Strength™ will be saving you!
Dental procedures aren’t cheap.

Getting Denti Strength™ for the low four-bottle bundle price could literally save you thousands of dollars in dental charges!

Why spend so much on implants and surgery and other procedures, when you can get Denti Strength™ for such a low price if you act today?
Just click the order button below and remember your purchase will be backed by a money-back guarantee.
Try Denti Strength™ for 90 days, and then decide if you want to keep using it and if you want us to keep your money.

If you are not happy for any reason, or no reason at all, you can get a full refund if you notify us within 90 days of your purchase price.

Also, don’t forget we are going to pay you $100 just for giving this supplement an honest try.
To get started with Denti Strength™, click the order button now.

Take advantage of the special 4-bottle bundle, and we’ll rush your supply to you with free shipping.
Just imagine having the confidence to smile once again!
Getting started couldn’t be any easier!

All you have to do is click the order button and select the package that is right for you.

From there, you’ll go to our secure checkout page. Once there, just enter your payment information and place your order.

In a few days, you’ll receive your shipment of Denti Strength™ and can begin using the product as recommended.

Click to order now to secure your bottles while supplies are still available. Select the four-bottle bundle to save money and receive free shipping.

It’s really that easy to get rid of tooth pain and gum disease!
Plus, there is zero risk with our 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee.
We know without a doubt that Denti Strength™ works!
This product is backed by extensive research and testing.
If it didn’t work we couldn’t offer the current guarantee let alone the $100 offer…

Denti Strength™ really does work!

In fact, less than 1% ofour customers have ever used our money-back guarantee.

All you have to do to see for yourself is to place your order now.

Place your order, get your supply and start taking it.
Throbbing tooth pain, bleeding gums and your other symptoms will begin to disappear.

Until eventually you’ll wake up one day and realize they are gone for good!

At that point, a whole new life is going to be at your fingertips.

You can say goodbye to the sadness and depression your condition has caused and hello to an exciting new future.
With our guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose!
If you are among the miniscule, less than 1%, who want to utilize our refund, you can do so easily.

Just return your unused portion of Denti Strength™ and we will send your refund immediately after we receive it.

There are no questions, no forms to fill out. No high pressure sales tactics to get you to change your mind.
So don’t let the poor performance of inferior supplements keep you from this amazing opportunity.
It took years for your teeth and gums to get to this point where they are bothering you so much.
Now you can reverse that situation in just weeks with Denti Strength™!
Simply click below to order now
The price of Denti Strength™ is going up very soon!
We started offering Denti Strength™ with a simple goal – to get it to 5,000 people who are suffering from bad dental health.

These people are in pain – their teeth and their gums are killing them.

They are frequently dealing with bleeding gums and bad breath that comes from tooth decay.

They are depressed and exhausted by the stress and unhappiness their condition causes them.
To make this goal a reality, we lowered our supplement to an all time low price of just $69.95 per bottle.

Then we went a step further and offered our 4-bottle bundle for the unheard of low price of just $49.95 per bottle.
These promotions worked exceedingly well, and we have easily surpassed that 5,000 goal.
That means it is time to reassess our pricing and make appropriate adjustments.
In other words, the price of this supplement is going to rise – probably very, very soon.

So to take advantage of the special low offer while it is still valid, act now.
Currently, we are still honoring the crazy low, but limited-time price of only $49.95 per bottle when you order our four-bottle bundle!

You also get free shipping, which is another significant savings.

Don’t wait and then kick yourself for missing out.

Click on the order button to get your supply of Denti Strength™ today.

Then don’t forget to email us and tell us about your amazing results!
It’s time to act now!
Click "Add to Cart" and save before it is too late!

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